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Butcher’s Choice
Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 00:34
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Foodland’s own brand delicatessen under the name “Butcher’s Choice” has been making fine quality sausages and hams since 1991.

We make our sausages in the traditional German recipes, From hams and bacons, raw and cooked sausages to air dried hams and salamis, and we continue to improve and innovate with new products constantly. The variety is endless. There are bound to be a few that you enjoy.

Foodland’s sausages are quality products

We understand that our customers demand excellent taste, high quality and reasonable shelf life while retaining the natural process without excessive use of preservatives

We utilize the best in hygienic standards in food safety. We are certified with GMP Good Manufacturing Practice and HACCP, Hazard Critical Control Points, a food safety system that eliminates the risk of food contamination hazards first developed by NASA; together with our ªóé¤ó «¸Î quality assurance process, you can be certain and trust in us to provide high quality products with utmost food safety

Our production is controlled by a German Master Butcher, selecting only the best ingredients and strictly adhering to exacting standards of German food laws. You can be enjoy the quality and authenticity in taste and recipes.

Not all sausages are made alike

Each kind of sausages has a specific recipe and undergoes a very different production procedure. Foodland produces and supplies a wide variety of sausages and hams, catering to the broad spectrum of our customers’ preferences.

The secret of Foodland’s sausages is in the fine aroma and good texture which can only be obtained from high quality meats from select butcheries, imported natural or artificial casings and European spices as well as modern technology in the production process in order to produce high quality products